Schedule of Events for 2019



Cumberland Harvest Market

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

2940 Old Montreal rd, Cumberland, Ont.

Sept. 29:     10am – 4pm


Cumberland Farmers Market

1115 Dunning rd, Cumberland, Ont.

Oct. 5:     8am – 1pm

Oct. 12:   8am – 1pm


   Creative Hands

Greenbank Public School

168 Greenbank rd. Ottawa, Ont.

Oct. 26: 9:30am-3:30pm


Capital Artisans Guild

Sir Wilfred Laurier H. S.

1515 10th Line rd., Ottawa Ont.

Nov. 2: 10am-4pm

Nov. 3: 10am-4pm


St-Mark High School

1040 Dozois rd., Manotick, Ont.

Nov. 10: 10am-3pm

Nov. 11: 10am-3pm


Cairine Wilson S.S.

975Orleans Blvd, Ottawa, Ont.

Nov. 16: 9am-3pm


   MLA German Club

3928 Farmers Way, Carlsbad Spring, Ont.

Nov. 15: 5pm-9pm

Nov. 16: 10am-5pm

Nov. 17: 10am-4pm


The Original Navan Market

3470 Trim rd. Ottawa, Ont.

Sept 21:      9am – 3pm


Cumberland Farmers Market

   Christmas Market

1115 Dunning rd. Cumberland Ont.

Dec. 7: 9am-4pm



Have an event that you think we would be interested in or if you are the organizer for please contact us